Thursday, April 09, 2009

liquid vega.

vincent & genevieve from london and paris are liquid vega and they have totally blown me away with their song '100 degrees' which is nothing but the most beautiful and melancholic piece of music that i have heard in ages. their sound is probably best described as salem and chromatics holding hands - which might be a bit unfair to say as it seems like it's questioning liquid vega's originality but that's not at all what i want to say.

anyway, you should just hear them for yourself, i won't find words that do them justice and just want to be left alone and keep admiring them now.

liquid vega - 100 degrees
liquid vega - black thunder

show liquid vega some heartfelt myspace love and once again acknowledge the greatness of 20 jazz funk greats, gorilla vs. bear and no pain in pop who featured liquid vega earlier this week!


Julius said...

Good stuff as usual Aleks, it's nice to find some good music to just chill out to sometimes.

Vieilledent said...

You're right.

deb said...

I looooove the haunting voice and the smoothness of this! woot!

Anonymous said...

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