Monday, September 10, 2007

the bloody beetroots.

we are starting off a rather packed week with the latest remixes by the bloody beetroots who don't need an introduction on here any more. this time they are bringing destruction to naive new beaters from france (exclusive on here) and goose from belgium, with a little help from their friends alvin and the chipmunks as well as donald duck. and if you think this sounds odd, yeah indeed. but it works great, riots on the dancefloor are guaranteed as always.

goose - everybody (the bloody beetroots chipmunk remix)

goose - black gloves (the bloody beetroots remix)

naive new beaters - live good (the bloody beetroots remix)

i am not even sure what bob and tea are planning next but you will definitely hear about it on discodust very soon.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love this Blog so much. Thanks for all the delicious music.

KeithP said...

These dudes are a fucking powerhouse.

Anonymous said...

hey the black gloves was on Boule a facettes blog. C'est pas jojo.

Anonymous said...

hahaha. hey wow, who is this? the blog police or what?

i've got everything straight from the beetroots. much love to boule a facettes though.

Escape From LA said...

love the bloody beetroots! they're ridiculously awesome. i still wonder how they started up..anyways, i love this blog soooo much! haha we actually made our own original, titled "Street Justice," that was inspired by The Bloody Beetroots. Check it out on our blog! Peace.
-Escape From LA