Monday, May 26, 2008

music go music.

first things first: hello world. i am back. glad you missed me. (and surprised how some people come to think that discodust is 'dead' after just ten days of idling) i have gone through a bit of a crisis related to the current state of music on the blogs and came to the conclusion that a few things have to change on here and i need to try a bit harder again. although i am not sure if i will always find the time, i am planning on going more 'underground' and 'unsigned hype' again, as many of the recent entries focused too much on already established artists and sounds. no worries, i will still have those up here but there's no doubt there needs to be more surprises on here again. the first is coming up right now.

music go music managed to write a stellar pop song that is going to end up high in my all-time favorite songs list, right next to 'you are the generation that bought more shoes and you get what you deserve' by johnny boy. sporting a similar vintage vibe, music go music sound like the only true reincarnation of abba with a bit of elo thrown in.

according to on gorilla vs. bear, one of the blogs out there i respect the most, the 'gala bell' identity of the music go music lead singer is just made up and she seems to be in another band as well. as my indie music knowledge reached an all-time low ever since i started this blog, i am unfortunately unable to provide any additional hints or even solve the puzzle, but nevertheless, here you go, one of my favorite songs these days:

music go music - light of love

show music go music what discodust-fueled myspace lovin' means as even though they have been posted on majors like stereogum and have an ep coming out on secretly canadian, they are way below 500 friends. and i know that even you tough motherfuckers like some abba sometimes.

(and before any rave kids get a heart attack or something: no fear, some bangers are coming up later tonight.)


selector x said...

so happy to see you back!

Anonymous said...

this is the best blog i have come across by far!!!! thanks!

Anonymous said...

yeah, it's great to see you posting. i didn't think your blog was dead but did kinda miss you.


Anonymous said...

great song

Anonymous said...

good idea to promote new music..

Anonymous said...

folk & bier das lob ich mir,
noch mehr jedoch ein post von dir.

bheim kitchen gang

Sir Huzzah said...

Glad to see your back, and with lotsa fresh tracks!