Tuesday, November 14, 2006

hello world.

italian music maestro phonat, signed on manchesters splank!, turned the young punx' 'rockall' into an unstoppable slamming, roaring discomonster spiced up with vocoder slices. (and i swear if you close your eyes you can see robots playing guitars.)

the young punx - rockall (phonat mix)
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after his airwalk/overrun 12-inch, henrik b obviously felt like dropping something more noisy and pounding. his remix of 'let it drop' by dj delicious is just that. with the usual thick and somewhat trancey synth sounds always coming from the leading producers in sweden recently, it fits perfectly in any kind of driving electro set.

dj delicious - let it drop (henrik b remix)

the subs from belgium came to my attention when i was looking around for new stuff by dr. lektroluv. with its shuffled drums, fuzzy basslines and distorted synths, 'substraktion' should be just right for peaktime. and these guys are just getting started. (so are we.)

the subs - substraktion


Lazaro Casanova said...

I've been looking for the subs track for a very long time.

many thanks.

I'll add you to our link section today.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed that Young Punx track. Thanks.

- JohnB