Tuesday, January 30, 2007

they just want to rock.

pink skull is a producer and dj-collective from philadelphia, incorporating influences ranging from 70's krautrock, yesterday's disco, today's electro house and the yet to be named sound of tomorrow. besides remixes for spank rock, plastic little and man man, they recently got busy on argentina's hottest export lovely chords and gave their pig radio most played hit 'we push up on frenchies' a fresh rework. i am sure this track will be featured in mixes all over within no time - and i told you the 303 is coming back:

lovely chords - we push up on frenchies (pink skull remix)

if you want more from pink skull, watch out for their full length dropping this spring on tonearm records (part of the philadelphia collective free news projects). if you want more from lovely chords, watch out for a special feature on here soon. in the meantime, try some of these:

spank rock - bump (pink skull remix) on la decadanse
lovely chords - we push up on frenchies on fluokids

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sonny venice said...

Hey you need to check the pididi remix of switch!