Wednesday, May 16, 2007


with nearly every bedroom producer out there discovering distortion and overdriven synths these days and thinking that's enough to become world famous, it has become a bit more difficult to get through to the actually good tracks, but after a little break from posting electro bangers, i am glad to introduce you to cryptonites.

even after days of investigation, i have not been able to find out more about them besides that they're coming from switzerland and are obviously having a problem with superheroes. but what i can tell from the tracks i have got ahold of is that they have definitely found the perfect formula to conduct banging tunes. digitalism and teenage bad girl are references that are coming to my mind, but just listen for yourself, here is their first track ever:

cryptonites - hands of god
zshare mirror

and as i knew you'd want more, here is a very danceable cryptonites remix of a track by some band going by the name of arctic monkeys:

arctic monkeys - old yellow bricks (cryptonites tease the monkey remix)
zshare mirror

visit cryptonites myspace for further information on upcoming productions and a tracklist of their cryptonites superhero mix.


Anonymous said...

This Hands of God track is fucking ridick.

-emma- said...

WHY MYSPACE WHYYYY?!?!? can't believe this. it sucks! when are EVERYONE going to realize this?! it's the worst shit eeeveer!

Anonymous said...

everything is a justice rip these days...sigh

city of brotherly love said...

i like your blog
good work

Blaze said...


discodust said...

blaze: yeah, snapdrive limits bandwidth after a while. that is why the zshare mirrors are up but i admit this sucks, i have to sort out some dedicated file storage.

anonymous: i can hardly hear any justice influences in the cryptonites tracks. and it's fun that you're saying 'everything' because all my other recent posts don't feature anything that is close to the sound of justice at all.

Anonymous said...

honestly im not trying to hate here but seriously, you cant hear and justice influence in Hands of God?? the arpeggiated breakdown that kicks into the justice drum pattern,,,please go listen to vicarious bliss remix from justice. everything does not equal your posts only. i mean a general trend going toward the hard rock electro sound that justice is pioneering, except too many people are just copying it too specifically (easy D, data etc). clearly there is much talent, but needs more creativity.

Anonymous said...

anonymous: well, you are right about so many people following this trend. and i tend to think it is disgusting as well.

and the arpeggios in 'hands of god' are not a justice thing to me but you are right, that drum pattern is. yet i think cryptonites brought in plenty of their own style.

and i can also, generally speaking, agree on 'there is much talent, but more creativity needed'.

Herr Schmitz said...

funny thing, i have to agree on the justice thing, pretty much a reference, but what about the middle part? that's like so kavinsky. whatever, bangers don't need that much creativity, but a little more bumms would be nice. softer, broader, but louder beats. something like that. i find the play a little too exact somehow. blablabla, whatever. ;)

tuftsmania said...

discodust!! coincidence of the century! i like your choice in music :)

i like it so much in fact that i will link to you from my crummy site. holler back!

Anonymous said...

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