Tuesday, June 05, 2007

knightlife & cobra dukes.

just a few days after i first posted about knightlife on discodust back then, cutters records signed him right away. in fact that even saved me from being forced to start my own label, which might still happen some time in the future anyway. (hint: any business-related requests and assistance is welcome.) after playing dj-sets at two cut copy shows in melbourne, the first knightlife twelve-inch is even more anticipated now - the wait will most likely have an end late june or early july.

besides cutters, the rapidly rising london label prestel has also recognized the greatness of knightlife and made him remix the first single of up and coming nme darlings cobra dukes, also originally coming from melbourne, now residing in london. he turned 'leave the light on' from catchy new wave into flashy new rave, ready to ignite glowsticks on dancefloors worldwide:

cobra dukes - leave the light on (knightlife remix)
zshare backup link

cobra dukes - leave the light on (on myspace)

watch out for the official cobra dukes single release coming out at the beginning of july, made from glow in the dark vinyl and if you have missed it, also check out the first prestel release by blogs favorites dada life.


Anonymous said...

i think the vocals are integrated badly, because the track itself is really good. he is mixing conflicting notes with the vocals and synths, dont think it should have been a remix.

Anonymous said...

I believe this comment to be a little brash. It is my belief that these so-called conflicting notes are actually to be viewed as passing notes, and add considerable colour and fervour to his composition. As a famous composer once said: "There is no consonance without a little dissonance".

Anonymous said...

expect a knightlife remix of like woah! coming out on their debut 12" released through bang gang 12 inches in july

Anonymous said...

Haha, Yeh, knowing KL Im pretty sure that was on purpose...Im usually one for things that are nicely melodic too, but just look at justice and how black notes worked for them.