Monday, June 18, 2007

young americans remixes.

less than four weeks ago, discodust featured a banging track by californian producers and djs young americans and now they are back with two remixes for shiny toy guns and scanners, proving that they can easily wrap up other bands' material in their own epic and energetic sound. more remixes and original tracks are in the works, i can't wait.

shiny toy guns - starts with one (young americans remix)

scanners - bombs (young americans terrible fuss edit)

(note that this is the final version of their 'bombs' remix, different to the one previously posted on the blogs.)


His Whoreness said...

Young Americans are great and their remix of TVOTR's Staring At The Sun is really rather good

Cheers for sharing their later efforts!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a nice font of young americans. Anybody know what font they used?

Anonymous said...

iz a selfmade font - based on the old frankfurt font.

Jeroenemans said...

wow man... the bomb remix has been in my player for WEEKS!