Thursday, August 02, 2007


my friend felix cartal recently recommended gingy to me. gingy is a 20-year-old producer from toronto, canada and delivers some of the most banging stuff i have heard in a long time. think of something that mstrkrft would spin and that could end up being released on boys noize records or turbo - or even your own label, if you don't sleep on him. malente has also already recognized the greatness, you can buy a gingy remix of 'this manrox' right here on beatport.

as far as the tracks in this post go, i really advise you to check all of them or you will definitely miss out. 'swagger' is his latest track and is a real hard electro banger based on roaring chainsaw riffs spiced up with some breaks. we are sure someone will want to sign this, so we are only posting it in lower quality here. 'rios for mvp' is in the same vibe and is dedicated to alex rios from the blue jays. and finally, 'fire' is an electro rock track featuring vocals from the blood brothers, nothing quite like screaming in the discotheque.

seriously, download them all:

gingy - swagger
gingy - rios for mvp
gingy - fire

gingy also just started a band/production duo with a good friend and is about to host his own electro night in london, ontario in september, so watch out for much more coming up. he would like to give shout outs to nasty nav and swear words for the support.


scr said...

rios for mvp..mördert!

johnny said...

dat dude is the dude! word up, toronto cats are about to kill it

Sta said...

The man is sick. When I saw him on myspace a few weeks ago I was like "Who is this cat with the banging tracks who lives two hours away from me but I have never heard of?" Gingy, that's who

brian said...

i am the ardentest supporter of gingy. i even made up a word to describe my devotion to his music. ardentest

discodust said...

glad all you guys dig it.

and yeah. murderous, sick, banging, gingy is the man!

tudor said...

I have, how you say, sexual intercourse to gingy's music.

greedy gums said...

this gingy dude is fierce,

cyberfrog said...

oh yeah..another son of a bitch who like bloody beetroots will roast out our brains

Enron said...

Gingy is SO hot, trust me, I've been in bed with him, it's as good as his music... ;)

Keith P said...

Swagger kills it. Any chance of getting a higher res copy or release date or something?

Gingy said...

sorry keith, i'm holding onto it until i get signed or something. spread the word, maybe that'll speed things up haha

btw if i posted this like 5 times it's because my internet's screwing up

Mikey Apples said...

is there a formula to these? or am i just hearing some sort of freeform random knobing twisting ableton same ol' shit?

what are you guys talking about?

discodust said...

mikey: seems like you are in the wrong place. bye!

Anonymous said...


munkey said...

rios for mvp is straight up sick. can't get enough of filthy electro.

Anonymous said...

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