Monday, February 18, 2008


once again i am like the last one who comes around to post about someone who really deserves it. but as there is a slight chance that a few people out there don't know that flairs is 'better than prince' yet, here is your chance to learn about him.

lionel flairs, always on the run between paris, staines and soho, has already played bass for benjamin diamond and alex gopher. and the latter, together with with fellow french living legend etienne de crecy, is responsible for the production of the first flairs ep, the irony-dripping 'better than prince'.

after being dropped on a self-released limited seven-inch, the track now gets an official release on roxour along with remixes by benjamin, 25 hours a day and label owner alavi himself (famous for his 'smells like teen spirit' remix). also included on the ep is 'truckers delight', a (surprisingly) bass-heavy track, that you can also get right here:

flairs - truckers delight

watch out for the 'better than prince' ep which should be all over very soon and the accompanying video directed by jonas & francois (responsible for the 'd.a.n.c.e.' and 'good life' videos). show flairs some myspace love and if you want to know more, head over to our friends at ohh! crapp... for a nice interview with the man himself.


Anonymous said...

shit sounds out of tune.
start blogging good shit again, man.


Who's with me?

Anonymous said...

this shit rocks, shut the fuck up

Goliath said...

No, this shit is pretty weak. I would have to agree with the top.

Faisal Jehan said...

yo dude you're linked on 'Flairs' blog!

alot of people don't get him, the off-beat/drowsyness is on purpose!

its kind of liek when muscles first cam eout ppl thought it was a parody or something, but then everyone went crazy about him.

even if it becomes a minority pleasure, i'm glad to be one of the minors lol :P

cheriooos & thanx for linking.

Anonymous said...

disco punk, graham: too bad you guys don't get it.

Anonymous said...

no no no aleks....i get it.

and please dont get me wrong
you have introduced me to
a lot of the bands that
i really couldn't live

miami horror
mr miyagi
white noize
bloody beetroots
lies in disguise

the list goes on forever!

so dont go thinking i dont appreciate your blog because
i really do.

however, it just seems to me
that some of the new stuff that
you've been blogging i wouldnt expect you to like (little boots, ladyhawk, that terrible new judas shit...)

but honestly man 90% of the tunes
you've blogged are top notch and yr doing a really great job...

poprina said...

cool shit; Truckers Delight is gonna be the only song i'd listen to this whole month!

Anonymous said...

disco punk... pull your head out. WTF. this is the best stuff he has posted in the last year, besides maybe ladyhawke. wow, how upsetting.

aleks said...

well, i wouldn't go as far as that probably but flairs is definitely hot.

disco punk is probably some crazy teenager who ran out of meds or something.

Anonymous said...

by saying i love bangers i just mean
that i really dig tracks that are awesome to dance to. no offense. i definitely am a crazy teenager and if you have any meds i'll gladly take them,

but listen, seriously:
i find myself to be one of the true appreciators of bangers.
i know how to descifer between the "lets have a contest to see who can get the most buzzing-assed processed bass possible!!1!!11" and a genuinely well-produced, well-sequenced song.

so dont get pissed at me when i speak my mind on some tracks...

would you rather people just be like "derr i enjoy every song you put up! derrr." no i dont think you want that, i think deep down, you want further discussion on these tracks.

other-wise this blog would suck.

ill admit people dont need to be like "THIS SHIT SUCKS!" but i think you shouldnt be like "oh he's just a faggoty teenager without his meds."

i actually like electro and have for a really long ass fucking time. so dont tell me im some poser....

--disco punk

aleks said...

well, you just don't know me then. and grow up and learn that even when you don't dig something, it might be 'good shit'.

there'll be more bangers coming up but also other stuff - as it is time to move on.