Thursday, March 13, 2008

dream disco + suicide booth.

recently i have spent quite some time exploring 'new' sounds on cybernetic broadcasting system, the internet radio station managed by retro electro mastermind i-f ('space invaders are smoking grass') and dedicated to keeping the vintage electro and disco vibe alive with both classics and new productions. two of my favorite acts featured on cybernetic broadcasting system and also ranked high in their top 100 for 2007 are dream disco and suicide booth, both releasing on das drehmoment.

das drehmoment is a berlin-based record label and record store influenced by old school/new school electro, italo disco, robodisco, new wave and the like. and as i couldn't describe it any better, here is a quote from their official website: '(das drehmoment) invites you to join the cosmos of magenta-red, cyan-blue, retro-future, full of cow bells, glamour, neonlight and lipstick, perfumed with moroder and morricone, carpenter and blade runner, roland 808, korg ms 20 and, of course, lots of moog'.

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on to the music. dream disco is a project by dj overdose from the netherlands, well-known as one half of the hasbeens together with alden tyrell, e.g. one of the most well-known and best retro-style electro acts these days. i am glad to feature one track off their second release out on das drehmoment. 'take me home' is a driving italo-vibe disco track featuring the proven concept of traditional macho male and sexy female vocals. she says: "you're going home with me tonight", he says: "can't get enough of your body". and you definitely want to hear that, listen already! (and keep in mind that the actual release features another original track 'in your eyes' as well as two remixes.)

dream disco - take me home
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suicide booth are stefan fenzel and spif anderson from munich and the 'aura ep' on das drehmoment is their first release ever. their sound is described by the label as 'robotic space disco' and has that 'midnight movies' (as in 'sci-fi/horror b-movies') vibe. the ep received a lot of love from reviewers all over, being called the best release of 2007 within that genre - and i can only agree. 'raumpilot' is one of 5 tracks on the ep and seriously, all of them are outstanding if you are into synth pop and feature different vocalists. get your fix right here:

suicide booth - raumpilot
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make sure to show dream disco, suicide booth and das drehmoment some myspace love and if you like what you hear, follow the junodownload links and give a label that's going its on way, lightyears ahead of the mainstream, some well-deserved support!


Anonymous said...

wow....i hope you get some blog award or something soon excellent tracks.<3

MosKar said...

Indeed ^^

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I´m new here,dream disco looks like amadeo, i really love, awesome. Suicide Booth is greeeat too, uau!
Thanks discOOdusst.