Monday, March 31, 2008

foamo + primary 1.

fidget youngster foamo from the uk is back with a new remix. his original track "movin' it over here" (hear it on his myspace) has already got massive support by a lot of major fidget djs as well as kissy sell out who already played it more than once on his radio show.

so here is another killer from foamo, a (fidget) remix of 'hold me down' by primary 1 that will really get the crowd going:

primary 1 - hold me down (foamo remix)

it seems like "movin' it over here" is finally coming out soon, keep your eyes open for that, it's definitely close to being my favorite fidget style track ever. show foamo some myspace love.


Anonymous said...

die bombe. so jung und schon so gut.

Anonymous said...

what a tune.movin' it over here is also immense

Anonymous said...

yeh dude! i got this the other day i love this remix!!!!.. maybe more than the yuksek remix (but i love that aswell!)

cool guy aswell :)

aleks said...

yeah i was a bit late posting it again, had it laying around for a while :(. but glad you guys dig it, it's definitely killer!