Tuesday, March 18, 2008

lies in disguise + the toxic avenger.

lies in disguise are still dylan from le castle vania and blake miller from moving units, in case you missed them the first time on discodust when they just got started and dropped their remix for 'penis vs. vagina' by partyshank.

now they are back with a remix for the toxic avenger that was one of the (many) outstanding tracks on the franki chan mixtape that we have got over here - get it in case you have missed it, it's a must-have. back to topic though, lies in disguise totally murdered 'poker face' and whatever i have said about electro bangers being out of fashion in the past weeks, when i listen to tracks like this i take it all back. 'straight fire', 'pure mayhem', 'total meltdown' or 'another killing on the dancefloor', whatever you want to call it, lies in disguise make it happen!

and while blake & dylan wanted this to be a first on discodust, some evil people have already leaked it but well, i guess that's what i get for always playing by the rules and not sharing it in early january when i first got ahold of it. i still love it though and so should you:

the toxic avenger - poker face (lies in disguise remix)

speaking of the toxic avenger, here is a remix of 'escape' by la riots that has been released to the blogs just after i finished my post on the franki chan mixtape, so this is a good chance to feature it now. according to the iheartcomix blog this won't ever see a release due to sampling issues but unreleased tracks are more fun anyway.

the toxic avenger - escape (la riots remix)

and as i am in the mood for even more backlinks, last summer was the first time 'escape' showed up on discodust, back then remixed by the bloody beetroots. in the meantime their remix was used in need for speed: prostreet and thanks to zshare, the file is still up, so if this is not in your archives yet, go get it:

the toxic avenger - escape (bloody beetroots remix)

watch out for more from le castle vania and la riots on here soon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the uploads. Awesome.

Tom Oke said...

The Beetroot's mix of Escape is one of my all time faves, already. MASSIVE.

Jalil said...

Made me want to cut off my own hand it was that goooooood

groovesclash said...

yes! I've waiting for this release... lies in disguise rx rocks:/