Tuesday, March 18, 2008

top billin + les gillettes.

my friends nenis from top billin and cajsa from les gillettes hooked me up with some hot tracks from the upcoming 'top billin vs. new judas' ep which will be available for sale at turntablelab and juno in about a month.

first off are two new tracks from top billin who seem to be stepping a bit away from their trademark b-more sound towards electro house and fidget (and i can't deny that's good news to me), somehow their basslines even remind me of fake blood but that can only mean it's great. my personal favorite 'my girl wants to' is based on the greatest hit song of a certain beverly hills cop but i bet you heads will figure that out yourselves anyway.

top billin - my girl wants to
top billin - hoes & house

and then we move on to the first tune ever released by my favorite girl dj-team les gillettes from new judas which is a real banging electro house stomper and definitely a perfect debut, i bet you will be huge, cajsa! get it right here:

les gillettes - send in the clowns

show les gillettes, top billin and new judas some myspace love and like i've mentioned before, keep an eye on turntablelab and juno for the official release. also, if you are in berlin around april 19th, go to the release party at villa!


Anonymous said...

Top Billin's "My Girl Wants To" is definitely better than Sharam Jay's "P.A.T.T."

Anonymous said...

Top Billin Boys are the Best!

Anonymous said...

WooHoo! Great music

Anonymous said...

Where can one buy their stuff?

Anonymous said...