Sunday, April 13, 2008

designer drugs.

designer drugs are michael (pictured above) and theo from new york and are definitely among the top upcoming electro producers in the states. i wanted to feature them on here for ages but was quite late on discovering them at all and then i decided to hold out until they have some new material ready. of course it was well worth the wait, designer drugs just keep getting better. sound-wise, imagine bangers going really melodic and catchy, up there with the more uplifting tunes by mstrkrft but with a very special own formula.

so i am glad to have two yet unblogged remixes by designer drugs for my post today. the first one is a remix for indie band protokoll from san diego, their ep is out on iheartcomix and you can get it from itunes. as so many other tracks on the blogs lately, this one is also taken from the iheartcomix mixtape by franki chan (thanks for the heads up!).

designer drugs turn the track into a real driving dancefloor stomper alternating between catchy vocal parts and a great lead synth. get the track right now:

protokoll - moving forward (designer drugs remix)

next up is their newest remix for a track called "les gens pour ce qu'ils sont" by french electro-rockers flou, make sure to check them out on their myspace. designer drugs manage to take it even higher though and this track will work just as good on the floor as 'moving forward'.

flou - les gens pour ce qu'ils sont (designer drugs remix)

and finally, here is the track that initially made me realize just how good designer drugs are and that they're totally different to all those random bedroom producers we come across lately.

their remix for 'heaven' by hail social (who have an excellent choice when it comes to remixers) is still one of my favorite tunes even though i have had it for months, so if you don't have it yet, don't miss it. thanks to travis at bigstereo for putting the track up, i guess i wouldn't make it through the day without designer drugs any more these days (pun intended?).

hail social - heaven (designer drugs mix)

show designer drugs some myspace love and let's hope they will become really huge this year!


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Todd said...

Bryan, I have to correct you on that comment.... Designer Drugs isn't killing it. They already killed it, now it's more like they're poking the corpse with a pitchfork while pouring lighter fluid on it and getting ready to light that shit up.

Mike hooked me up with these tracks just before two gigs last night, and they equally tore shit up to both a raver filled crowd and a roller skating hipster crowd. Love this shit. Hard.

Noname said...

I think they sound fantastic. They have a good selection of mixes, I think. :)

I should let these guys sink in a bit.

Croc-Blanc said...

c'est tout simplement ENORME!!

je connaissais pas du tout, ça déboite =)

merci discodust

et sinon?

Anonymous said...

whats up mike and ted!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These remixes are great. The two original tracks DD has bang on an epic level, too.

Anonymous said...

These tunes are fucking insanee!!! cant stop listening to them!