Monday, April 21, 2008

jape + phones.

i intended to leave the underworld and fake blood post on top for a little longer but just came across another gem in my bursting inbox: 'the saviour of irish music' jape remixed by phones also known as paul epworth, famous for his productions for bloc party and the futureheads.

phones delivers a great remix that deserves the tag 'electro house' a lot more than all the dead boring stuff that usually ends up in the 'electro house' crates these days. phones combines elaborated drum patterns and rather basic synth sounds to a very effective dancefloor stomper which you can hear right now:

jape - i was a man (phones mix)

the 'i was a man' single by jape is coming out on june 2nd followed by the album 'ritual'. watch out for these upcoming releases and while you are waiting, make sure to become myspace friends with phones and jape.


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discodust said...

yeah right.

cim said...

websheriff, wooooahhh!
killer track! thx!

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