Friday, April 18, 2008

the presets + lifelike.

this just came in from our friends at modular - lifelike's '1 serious remix' of 'are you the one!' by the presets. i am a bit in a rush right now, so i will just quote the mail:

"a party throwdown that joins the old with the new, this barnstorming new interpretation of 'are you the one' has been masterly brought to 'life' by french whiz-kid lifelike. lifelike has stamped his name resoundingly onto the minds of electronica fans the world-over. his '1 serious remix' of 'are you the one' gives a respectful nod-of-the-head to the original track, but is a true reappropriation in its delivery. for presets connoisseurs, this represents the closest thing to a bridge between 'beams' and their sophomore album 'apocalypso'. in a genre-spotting sense, lifelike has spawned a track that sits somewhere between a raw, industrial, noise aesthetic, and filtered disco 2am party jam."

the presets - are you the one (lifelike's 1 serious remix)

show the presets, lifelike and modular some myspace love and make sure to check out 'apocalypso', the new album by the presets as well as the stellar remixes for their latest singles 'my people' and "this boy's in love".


DaDa KingZ said...

oh that is just sneaky and freaky. rather awesome!!

cz said...

Google Reader recommended your little blog to me in its "Top Recommendations" tab. I've looked back through several weeks of posts now and I'm still trying to find the disco. As far as I can tell 90% of your posts are about corny hipster indie-dance, decidedly not disco. Your "discodust" moniker is muy muy deceptive!

discodust said...

well, pwned! looks like you got fooled big time! i've got the feeling this happens quite often to you, is that why you've got the 'zero' in your MONIKER?

i am really sorry that you feel like you've wasted your precious time, but don't you have to go shave, hang with doc jesus or practice GANGSTA RAPPIN' anyway?

cz said...

Hey, no apology necessary Cokey McSnortersons. (somebody tipped me off that "discodust" is another nickname for blow, I wasn't hip to that!) Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with next, because despite not having anything to do with disco, I've found a few things I like here. Keep keepin' on!

discodust said...

dude, there is tons of stuff on here related to disco. but oh well. now you are wasting _my_ time.

DJ 808 said...

.......serious remix!

absolutely brilliant!
excellent job.. :)

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