Thursday, April 03, 2008

thoughtless hussies.

here we go with one more for the bangers squad today, as i have just received a mail from the great people over at back yard recordings along with a special recommendation of neil from tronik youth. it's the first remix of uprising dj team thoughtless hussies from london & nottingham in the uk. looking at their myspace info, they have played in like every hyped english, german and french venue with about everyone who has been hot in the past years and now they are finally producing tracks as well.

their banging remix of 'pets dance' by s.p.a. will definitely cause destruction on the dancefloor, so pick it up right here and play it loud:

s.p.a. - pets dance (thoughtless hussies remix)

so if tronik youth, back yard and discodust got love for them, why wouldn't you show them some myspace love?

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Anonymous said...

Boycott Bangers! More Valarie imitators!