Wednesday, May 07, 2008

annie + get shakes.

finally every underground super hipster's favorite pop princess annie from bergen, norway, is back! with 'heartbeat' and 'chewing gum', she was on her best way to become the new queen of pop but it seems as if the mainstream media wasn't up for that yet.

so this year she's giving it another try and her new single 'i know ur girlfriend hates me' (yeah, i bet they all do) is going to be released in early july. we were lucky enough to get ahold of this hypnotic vintage electro disco flavoured remix by get shakes two months early. check it out right here and enjoy another premiere on discodust:

annie - i know ur girlfriend hates me (get shakes remix)

listen to the original track on annie's myspace and while you're at it, add her as a friend and tell her aleks from discodust loves her!


PASTOR said...

she is from Norway by the way. its like saying that your from Canada:)

discodust said...

pastor: damn, mixed it up. i even know that she is from bergen. too much work, not enough sleep.

thanks for pointing that out.

Doe Deere said...

love love love her! ♥

paul devro said...

canada is better, whats your point?

cz said...

Ya know, I've been talking a lot of trash on here, but I have to say that despite my opinion of a lot of the music, I really have to applaud you for being way in the loop on your scene. You work hard at what you do, and a lot of people like it.

This is one of the first tracks I've listened to on here that I might play in a set. Any idea if there's an instrumental of this cut, and where I can buy a copy? I realize, of course, that I can download the mp3 here, but I've been trying to only play stuff out that I've paid for.

discodust said...

cz: according to the promo info it won't be out before july :/. i am also still trying to get ahold of a high-q copy for playing out.

Kamiloverz said...

it is very good track :D

Aaron said...

At Scion radio 17 they are doing it Huge in 08

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You can tune in 24/7/365 to hear music and interviews from some of the nation’s top DJ’s and acts.”

Anonymous said...

aaron: who is zomby? and how is that related to annie?

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