Sunday, June 15, 2008

computer club remixes.

discodust favorite computer club, member of drum & bass crew evol intent and previously featured here, dropped a mixtape for no love lost records. in case you missed it when it was up on the blogs about two weeks ago, grab it right here and check the comments for the tracklist:

computer club - exclusive nllr mix (on mediafire)
computer club - exclusive nllr mix (on megaupload)

i was pretty impressed by the freshness of his selection and also the custom remixes and edits he made especially for the mix, so i hit him up about the full tracks and here we go, computer club casting some drum & bass-flavoured electro house magic on nine inch nails (!) and les rhythmes digitales. 320 kbps goodness for you:

nine inch nails - that's what i get (computer club remix)
les rhythmes digitales - sometimes (computer club edit)

watch out for much more from computer club on discodust, i'll watch his every move!


aleks said...

1. (Intro) - “Welcome To The Computer Club Meeting”
2. Midnight Juggernauts - “Shadows (Knightlife Remix)”
3. Prince - “Erotic City (Computer Club Edit)”
4. Wired All Wrong - “Elevatin’ (Computer Club Remix)”
5. Computer Club - “Laptop Levitation”
6. Buddy Akai - “Cut Me Up (Villains Remix)”
7. Les Rhythmes Digitales - “Sometimes (Computer Club’s Front Room Reflip)”
8. Micky Slim Vs. Deadmau5 Vs. House of Pain - “Jump Around”
9. Computer Club - “Load Rocket”
10. Boys Noize - “My Head (Para One Remix)”
11. Nine Inch Nails - “That’s What I get (Computer Club’s President Emeritus Remix)”
12. Sebastian - “Dog”
13. Mr. Oizo - “Flat Beat (Computer Club’s Fat Eric Remix)”
14. Kill The Noise - “Hey You (Robbie Monticello Remix)”
15. Rrrump - “Twerk It”
16. Computer Club - “Flat Response”
17. Ocelot - “This Is Our Time (Treasure Fingers Remix)”
18. Kill The Noise - “Pull my Strings”
19. Hail Social - “No Paradise (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)”
20. Fantastadon - “Skampa”
21. Computer Club - “Bizarre Love Triangle”
22. Lismore - “Paradis (Udachi Remix)”
23. Young MC - “Bust A Move (Don Rimini Ravekid Remix)”

esoter1c said...


selector x said...

Really enjoying all of this, but it definitely needed to grow on me. Would love for a copy of that Prince edit, too.

Anonymous said...

Easily one of the best mixes i have heard in ages... heaps of different tracks. loving the flat beat tune.. keep the CC tracks coming discodust.

On par with DJ Klever in mix quality

Anonymous said...

hahah.. just had a look at their myspace and their friends with DJ Klever.

Joan said...

Very good set. Thanks!!!

Unknown said...

this mix is absolutely insane <3

Dominic Escalante Photographer said...

dig the flat beat remix, wish i could get the full length

Anonymous said...

Computer Club will be playing his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama on July 19th.

J. Codec said...

Computer Club is criminally underrepresented on Beatport even though Evol Intent and Treasure Fingers have a good assortment of tracks available. Mike, get Beatport to get with the program!

For DJs that prefer to kick down two bucks for your favorite artists: march over to Beatport right now and go buy Your Dirty Habit - Your Dirty Habit (Computer Club Remix). There are a few other hot Electro House, Dubstep and Drum & Bass remixes of that track, too. The tune simply destroys the dancefloor.

dsfdsf said...

Word up Mike!