Monday, June 02, 2008

sidechains + the amplid.

the new barcelona-based label tracy recordings (team tracy pictured above) which is planning to release 'eclectic music made for the party' ranging from electro, house and techno to booty bass and baile funk, gets ready to kick off with their initial release, a compilation called 'music for bitches'. it features a lot of promising, upcoming acts like sidechains, the amplid and dj beware.

here are two tracks to get you all hot for the release of 'music for bitches', i decided to go straight for the amplid and sidechains. both deliver great uplifting tracks - 'dance while you can' by sidechains sounds like a tribute to golden rave (piano chords) times perfectly adapted for todays dancefloors and 'bernadette' by the amplid is classic french house featuring filtered disco loops, vocoders and banging drums, yet maintaining a mellow vibe. go get them:

sidechains - dance while you can
the amplid - bernadette

along with those two tracks, we also got a 'music for bitches minimix' done by radiocontrol which features all tracks from the compilation, check the comments for the tracklist:

radiocontrol - music for bitches minimix

the promos have already been sent, so the compilation should be out real soon. show tracy recordings, sidechains, the amplid and radiocontrol some myspace love and stay tuned!

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aleks said...

Music For Bitches (Tracy001) minimix by Radiocontrol:


01. Sidechains - Dance while you can
02. Kidz on glue - Title
03. Ravenheads - Destroy him my robots
04. Monster P - Dissin Driblin
05. Bitcode - Funky ou yeah
06 .The Amplid - Bernadette
07. Supercola - Billing
08. The Lords of Tracy - Come on
09. Dj Beware feat. MC Gringo - Tamborzan
10. Meneo - Mami
11. Kidz on glue - Does not compute
12. Sidechains - Real
13. Monster P - High Bear Nation (Rage version)
14. Meneo - Papi
15. Ravenheads - Der Stereotyp