Monday, July 07, 2008

martin solveig + tepr.

more and more major music industry executives are catching on quick to the popular formula of making their mainstream artists gain underground credibility: select some tastemakers to remix the new single. martin solveig's people did just that when they selected french percussionist for yelle, tepr, one of the swedish house mafia's most recently hyped members, laidback luke, and uk house/hip-hop producer mowgli to remix solveig's new single 'i want you'. check out tepr's remix right here:

martin solveig - i want you (tepr remix)

tepr seems to be on a roll lately as he has banged out remixes for kid sister, santogold and the teenagers in the past few months. go and add him on myspace.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Yelle's drummer is Grand Marnier. Tepr plays synths. :)

Anonymous said...

yay for Miss Toats first post.

Anonymous said...

Right, and it's tasty.

Faisal Jehan said...

TEPR can suck sometimes (when it comes to remixing) - this is not one of those times but it seem slike he wouldn't do a better job on other people's tracks than his!

he better reease another EP soon. <3

Anonymous said...

Tepr's prince remix is huge. Anyway, I'm waiting for his next prods too.
Heard I was the producer of Fortune (

Anonymous said...

laidback isnt on swedish house mafia