Saturday, August 16, 2008

the bpa + database.

seems i was just right on time when i was finally featuring database in my post earlier this week. the guys over at southern fried were a bit faster, noticed database's greatness before and hooked us up with an unreleased remix for the new norman cook (fat boy slim) collaboration project the bpa track 'toe jam' featuring david byrne of the legendary talking heads and grime superstar dizzee rascal. so get jamming!

the bpa featuring david byrne & dizzee rascal - toe jam (database remix)

and as the other tracks were so well received, here is one more of those brilliant database disco edits from their 'ugly edit' compilation:

database - dance like 107


Anonymous said...

i'm not a sucker for remixes, but I think most of their original stuff is really cool...

Unknown said...

What an insult to remove David Byrne's contribution and call it a "remix"