Tuesday, August 26, 2008

don rimini.

you may associate don rimini with his dj staple track 'let me back up' (remixed by crookers), but he's only moving forward from this point on. he kept the summer hot with his own remix of young mc's 'bust a move' and is now set to release his 'kick n run' ep. what i love about don rimini is that he sits perfectly inbetween genre fences. he can play with fidget (crookers and sinden), he can get down with the mad decent (rye rye) and he can dabble in french indie (adam kesher). versatility should be a virtue.

don rimini - hools

go show your support and snag the rest on beatport.

you know you're a child of the 80's when you had a hyper color shirt, had a crush on jon bon jovi or debbie gibson, and if you know all the words to this song.

ray parker jr. - theme from ghostbusters (don rimini ectoplasm edit)

and finally, here's a mix rimini put together last month. it's showcasing a lot of his own originals and remixes, mixed in with some fidget and bmore for good measure. find the tracklist after the jump!

don rimini - kick n run (july 2008 mix)

UPDATE: check out the don rimini remix contest over at our friends from discobelle. winners get some sweet t-shirts and cds as well as some big time blog exposure, so get busy!


01. verb featuring don rimini - psssy mind (don rimini remix)
02. machines don't care - drop it to the floor
03. terry poison - 24 hours (the aston shuffle's a-bomb)
04. fake blood - mars
05. estelle - american boy (vnnr go west remix)
06. machines don't care - afro jacker
07. don rimini - rave on
08. little boots - stuck on repeat (fake blood remix)
09. proxy - dance in the dark (original mix)
10. the bloody beetroots - storm
11. don rimini - hools
12. lazaro casanova - venganza (felix cartal remix)
13. crookers - lollypop
14. busy p - to protect and entertain featuring murs (so me remix)
15. emynd - back at your ass
16. don rimini - nervous breakdown
17. aaron lacrate - put your hands up for bmore
18. high powered boys - up down
19. oh snap! & ed orable - everyone's a dj


selector x said...

some ass. ass ass some ass. A+


Unknown said...

at first i thought maybe i was at an older post.

Anonymous said...

thank you
we all love don rimini!!!!

thank you love, thank you life, thank you discodust

don rimini is a pleasure
and you know it

Anonymous said...


ugottab said...

Hmmm, I hear so much abt Mr. Rimini but this track Hools is awfull imo. Let's see if there's more to the story. I love crookers, they're friends right?

If ya like tuff rockin' bangers, go for Lillica LIbertine i'd say.

Anonymous said...

Hools is huge - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hools is rugged and stomping. I approve!

Anonymous said...

Hools is awfull imo.

Hools is the goods fool get that hearing aid fixed...

Anonymous said...

Hools is a little too heavy at times, but that mix looks unbelievable. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Hools is k for a straight up and down banger but a fucking remix comp for it? what are you supposed to do? Forgettable track and i dont expect anything good to come of the remix.

ugottab said...

@ Anonymous, August 27, 2008 7:56:00 AM CEST

Put Hools on repeat on your headpone and you will be.

I just dislike this track, it doesn't make any sense to me, I just think it's an ugly song. If it needs to bang that hard, go for Lillica Libertine, I've said it before.

I might opt for that hearing aid, after more than 15 years of listening electronic dance music some damage might have been done. You get your taste fixed, or move to Italy/U.S.

aleks said...

hools is sick!

and you guys should learn what it means to be a gentleman, fucking fucks!

ugottab said...

LOL, so much for being a gentleman aleks! :)

Discodust is putting in massive effort to bring great new music to the surface, but this doesn't mean that I have to like each and every track that's posted. And it definately does not mean that some anonymous dude has to be rude towards a poster.

Let's keep posting about the artists and tracks now shall we?

aleks said...

ugottab: sure, i agree with you that the anonymous guys are annoying. there might be more comment deleting/no more anonymous comments in the future. anonymous comments don't really make sense anyway.

and of course you don't have to like everything. i am just wondering why you take the time to express your dislike in a comment. i usually just move on when i don't like something. but still, that's cool. no track posted anywhere will ever appeal to everyone.

ugottab said...

To be honest I sometimes wonder myself why I leave a (negative) comment. :) But then again it's feedback, in this case not the most constructive I agree.

Well, I keep on enjoying Discodust anyway! Thanks for your feedback & keep up the good work!

Miss Toats said...

sure i guess negative comments CAN be constructive criticism, but alot of times theyre just over the top like 'so and so artist should be shot'. but i take in all comments and perspectives so i get an idea of what discodust readers want to hear...

doesnt mean we're gonna stop pushing the variety of genres that we post.

ugottab said...

Amen Miss Toats!*

*No artists were harmed in the production of this message. :)

Unknown said...

my question is why now? this e.p.
has been out forever in blogtime.
most all discodust post are at the forefront. and i appreciate that, this is usually my first stop of the day.

aleks said...

i think 'hools' wasn't good to post until now. and who cares if it's late. look at the response, it's rather good.

Anonymous said...



me being a child of the 80s (79 counts...right?), I love it.

Anonymous said...

hools never been post before...

or probably in an undaground crypt blog...

thanks for that track / I love it and didnt get it before/, for ghostbuster, and for the mix


Anonymous said...

the fuckin Ghostbusters tune is massive! and funny! I'd play that everywhere, it kicks butt!