Sunday, August 24, 2008

jaimie fanatic.

fidget and electro house old schooler jaimie fanatic from rotterdam hooked us up with some very special unreleased material that will only be available on the blogs. that monster of a tune is called 'old skool is my skool' and as the name implies has heavy classic rave influences and comes complete with broken beats and crowd cheering - this is definitely one for the horns crew!

discodust has the privilege to be the first to put it out, so enjoy this special action from the fanatic hipster in 320kbps and fuckin' play this out loud!

jaimie fanatic - old skool is my skool

watch out for more from jaimie fanatic and his label groove fanatics!


Anonymous said...

why do you insist on letting readers know that discodust was the first blog to release a track?

aleks said...

to let them know where they should look first! every day! all the time!

Anonymous said...

Love it....
brings back great memories
plus the "This is the sound of Altern8" samplegot me all giddy!