Thursday, August 14, 2008

let's go to war.

let's go to war are dj cirkut, peter-john and sonny g from toronto, signed to last gang, have already set clubs on fire alongside m.i.a and that should be proof enough that they're providing some of the best club tracks with hip hop roots these days. for some strange reason they are still kind of under the radar but if you feel like it, blame it on me, as i wanted to post on them ages ago when i first heard their banging party anthem 'life we live' but something always got in the way and i kind of missed the opportunity.

lucky as i am though, they gave me a second chance. let's go to war just unleashed their new single "burn down the disco/whole city's got a cold" and especially the second track is totally blowing me away. if this track would have been on the blogs a bit earlier (i first heard it several months ago), you'd have heard their "the whole city's got a cold, listen, listen, listen, everybody's sniffin'" line each time you went out or checked a dj mix, but obviously n.e.r.d. came out first and so all we got is 'all the girls standing in the line for the bathroom'. anyway, about time you get hooked on this track as well:

let's go to war - whole city's got a cold

as soon as you're addicted, bust out your credit card and buy the release on beatport or buy it on beatsource and come on producers, get busy on that accapella!

and as it is quite likely that you have missed let's go to war the first time around, here are two of their tracks that have been out a while earlier:

let's go to war - life we live
let's go to war - push up ya lighter

remember, beatport or beatsource are the places to go to or if you're broke from all the sniffin', at least show let's go to war some myspace love!


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Toronto --> ugly city, but amazing in all other aspects... Except in the freaking winter.

just saw VND/LSM spin there.. AMAZING & lets not forget the hot bitches...