Monday, August 04, 2008

the shortwave set + mirwais.

maybe it was just me sleeping again but besides his productions for madonna, i haven't heard anything from mirwais in ages and i can't find anything on discogs either. so to my surprise, the new single 'now til 69' from the shortwave set which is out on wall of sound today, features two remixes by mirwais.

i am not really sure if it works for me as it is supposed to be, compared to other club remixes around right now it feels a bit less energetic but maybe that's just what's needed after all the 'maximal' sounds of the last two years. judge for yourself but i am definitely glad that the producer of true classics like 'music' is back in business. enjoy the mirwais club remix for the shortwave set:

the shortwave set - now til 69 (mirwais club remix)
the shortwave set - now til 69 (streams on

the wall of sound release features a remix by aeroplane as well, so make sure to check it out - like i said before, 'now til 69' is out today!

UPDATE: i should have posted this long ago and as it is released by now, i had to downgrade to streams. sorry for the inconvenience.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is odd kizmet! Just this past Saturday night, I pulled out "Naive Song" for the radio show (which makes for a pretty great beatmix into "Crimewave" - btw) - and basically said:

"What the hell ever happened to Mirwais?
After producing Madonna and releasing his sole CD, he just seemed to - disappear!"

The remix is pretty good...and I like the track
unto itself.

Let's hope he starts making more music again!

Anonymous said...

hey aleks, i thought that maximal means (as a dj) playing loads of different styles and not ONLY playing one kind of style (f.e. minimal techno). so playing electro, disco, indie pop, maybe juke, bmore and so on (even minimal music in a mix) means playing a "maximal" sound. but what do you mean by "all the 'maximal' sounds of the last two years"?

aleks said...

to me it is like the sound that boys noize, the bloody beetroots or justice make. distortion. pumping to the maximum.

i've seen it being used in the same way elsewhere, not sure where though. didn't mean to be confusing, pardon.

Anonymous said...

but what you describe is simply called distorted electro or distortion or simply electro. maximal is more like a way of djing loats of different styles instead of only playing minimal techno/electro/house. like daniel haaksmann said: minimal my ass (paul snowden) - so let´s go maximal! and he´s a baile funk dj...

aleks said...

anonymous: i don't see why 'maximal' should strictly refer to "a way of dj'ing" when 'minimal' is a genre. i see your point and see how it can very well apply to a way you play your set but i don't see how that is the only way to use the term but if you think you're the guy who knows the 'one single truth' out there, you must be right, huh.

but you might want to alert the guys over at resident advisor and prefix that they are oh so wrong too.

and to support you on your neverending quest for less mistakes and more appropriate wording, i'd like to point out that it is 'daniel haaksman', not 'haaksmann' and that justice is not 'simply electro'. electro is this and this.

Anonymous said...

wasn´t meant to annoy you. it was more like asking you as an musicexpert. but thanks for the lessons anyhow :)

aleks said...

i am far from being a music expert. see i didn't even know what 'the cult' sound like! such a laugh!

no seriously. i just don't really like those genre discussions because you won't ever find any 'official definition' anyway.

and it just seemed to me as if you want to get me wrong on purpose and well, that's always easy.

Anonymous said...

didn´t want to get you wrong on purpose and if it felt that way: sorry! basically i listen (i am not even a dj, only a music nerd / my girlfriend calls me that way :)) to more like handmade indie guitar type of music, so i was really asking myself what that whole use of the term maximal is all about because like you said "you won't ever find any 'official definition' anyway". and when you used that term "maximal" i thought about a different definition in that context, so i was just interested in yours exactly. but like you said: genre discussions are not something to like :) and anyways: it seems not really to matter. so back to basics: it seems to be about good music or bad music and if you like it or not. thats it. and by the way: THANK YOU for that good music on your blog. really interesting to find out more about good "electronic" music. out. 1.

aleks said...

ok. all good :). and thanks for the love and no worries, we'll just keep going.


Anonymous said...


aleks said...