Wednesday, September 10, 2008


oh gawd my hands hurt because i've had to sit on them for almost a month and a half to keep myself from posting this remix by bobmo of a malente and dex track.

sure, it may start off with the 'oh-so-familiar' fidget distortion, but when the buildup comes and the beat sneaks in, you forget all about that (and he actually toned down the distortion a bit from the original). then in come the house vocals and the second buildup and you move the song directly into your setlist... how can you resist?

malente & dex - hyperactive (bobmo remix)

snag the other remixes by bird peterson and riva starr over here. and here's an 'oldie' but goodie that never actually got old.

bobmo - rock the

c'mon kids, go give institubes the love they deserve!


Anonymous said...

Well why would you post it? I hope Exploited Records sees your post and have it legally removed. Why not post a medley of the entire album and make Bobmo some money from Beatport and other sales, and save an amazing song from being blown out on your over blown out blog?

Miss Toats said...

because exploited records told me to wait and i did b/c bobmo gave it to me too early. they gave me permission to post it now and i did. and who complains about being able to download free high quality songs instead of medleys anyway? im all for artists making money but labels keep some to sell and give away others to blog. if both bobmo and exploited records dont have a problem with it, why do you?

love y'all anonymous-ers

Jeff Henderson said...

isnt bobmo like surkin's friend or something?

Miss Toats said...

they make up 'high powered boys' and theyre both on the french 'institubes' label...

aleks said...

"I hope Exploited Records sees your post and have it legally removed."

haha. yeah right.

and i hope your parents take away your internet.

Anonymous said...

oh shiet, i was on bobmo's party 6.09 in poland - warsaw.

Anonymous said...

Look you anonymous sad-act!!

if hes been given permission from the artist then who are you to moan n groan! sounds like your a tad jealous!

Larvi said...

Man I love Bobmo, one of the artists that makes you feel guilty if you DONT buy his stuff!

Anonymous said...

can you please take down this bobmo track. Someone anonymous has a problem with it.


aleks said...