Sunday, September 14, 2008

justin faust + damage remixes.

our first feature on justin faust was one of the most popular posts recently, we received countless comments and messages asking for more. and before i even got around to hit him up about new tracks, i just got a mail from justin faust with links to three new remixes. must be my lucky day or something. (on a sunday? no way!)

first up is his latest remix, for australian collective bmx (pictured above and previous feature on them over here), as with all those upcoming remixes, justin faust stays true his style which means you're in for dreamy and playful retro disco music (hell yeah, i still haven't found a good genre name). and as this is the perfect occasion, i'll also throw in the remix of 'theme to bmx' by australian upcoming producer damage which is more on the harder yet funky side of things.

bmx - theme to bmx (justin faust remix)
bmx - theme to bmx (damage's 'hey' remix)

and as promised, here are two more remixes by justin faust, one for 'forever' by dvas (previous post including the original track over here) and his remix for 'harder better faster stronger' by daft punk which puts the quite played out original in a real fresh and mellow feelgood context and was explicitly requested by a reader in the comments, so here you go!

dvas - forever (justin faust remix)
daft punk - harder better faster stronger (justin faust remix)

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tantricextrum said...

whoa thaT JUST APPEARED WHEN I LOOKED AT IT. jksdhfklsjdfhkjsdf

Anonymous said...

was just freakin listenin to Justin Faust - Revenge as i clicked this.. hell yes!

DJ 808 said...

very cool!
thx disco..

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks! An early Christmas! You're a better listener than Santa too, sometimes I don't think he's really listening when I'm sitting in his lap at the mall. Also you got me the Daft punk remix way before Christmas. Aleks 1, Santa 0. said...

it's always good here!
the daft punk remix by justin is so damn goood!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why take a beautiful synth song and debase it with all that awful noise! Why, why, why!

Philot said...

OMG u r sooo damn socially spread in the blogosphere! I was KILLIG people trying to get more of Justin Faust. THANKS, dude!