Friday, September 26, 2008

p e a c e fire + grum.

"trespassion, sky embossed and wet
grass in between our toes, a true fragility
immortal dance in soil cycles
caught to be free

felt so authentically in mind and energy-cast of birthed body
drainage of divinity in national clouds, planet pacts
brimming with urgent emptiness
treading light within

no one
but all, to be."

p e a c e fire - sapphire
p e a c e fire - sapphire (grum edit)

we love p e a c e fire. we love grum.


NicePeopleMusic said...

i love p e a c e fire
i love grum
i love discodust

Taylor Morris said...

loved the peacefire last time they were posted so i can't wait to hear this!

Anonymous said...


seandonson said...


T. Etzenhammer said...

i just love this, both versions

Anonymous said...

so amazing!!

Anonymous said...

original version is amazing i cant stop listenin

Anonymous said...

awesome track!!

Anonymous said...

great blog. five stars.

Anonymous said...

this is simply amazing.

Positive and Focused said...

p e a c e fire