Friday, September 12, 2008


sharkslayer is a new project by nenis from top billin and dj push-ups. after they started off with an official remix for curses!, they unleashed a couple of original tracks in the past few weeks and seriously, all of them are straight bangers combining the best of both worlds from fidget and electro house.

all the arrangements clearly show that nenis, the experienced club dj he is, knows what works on the floors and besides that all sharkslayer tunes are mixed down in a way that gives them a lot of pressure. i had serious problems deciding on what to post, as i love every single track they did, but here are the ones that i am feeling the most right now. make sure to get the whole package in 320 kbps excellence.

sharkslayer - so sincere
sharkslayer - i'll be around
sharkslayer - cold as ice

watch out for much more from sharkslayer soon, show them some myspace love, and all you labels out there better hit them up for releases and remixes right now!


Anonymous said...


They are all good but So Sincere is especially awesome...

Thanks for sharing!

Rabbi von Sydow said...

Woops, "i'll be around" is the killer!!! Loves it.