Thursday, September 11, 2008


i have been dying to get my hands on 'i like to play' by yuksek ever since i heard brodinski drop it in one of his sets waaaaaaay back in february (decades in blog years). well, yuksek is finally ready to let it go, naturally because he's ready to release the 'tonite' ep that it's on.

yuksek - i like to play

yuksek is one of the most consistent producers around. he tends to stay away from trends and flex his versatility on everyone from van she to primary 1 to chromeo to mika to ghostface killah. it's not too bass-y, not too distorted, not too indie, it's just right. should we start calling him goldilocks?

kaiser chiefs - never miss a beat (yuksek remix)

hot off the heels of his ghostface killah remix, he's keepin it wu-tang and reworking u-god and making it work in his own unique way... chopping and pitching up the vocals, injecting a solid bassline and leaving his own french touch all over it.

u-god - ugodzilla (yuksek remix)

he's not even afraid to touch a track by french pop princess, alizee. or maybe he is and that's why he used his alter ego.

alizee - fifty/sixty (rolf honey remix)

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Larvi said...

I looove Yuksek, the new EP is golden. And the Ugod remix is huge too (though not as good as the Ghostface Killah one)