Tuesday, October 28, 2008


although you might think otherwise considering this blog's name, i was never too much into the whole 'nu disco' thing. most tracks seem to long-winded and boring for me. but ever since i first heard aeroplane, i have been in love with everything they touch.

the production duo from belgium always has the sweetest melodies, the loveliest sounds and an overall very classy vibe. they recently gave away two one-way tickets to a better world - lean back in your seat, au revoir simone (pictured above) and grace jones are serving the drinks tonight, next stop is paris.

friendly fires - paris (aeroplane remix featuring au revoir simone)
grace jones - williams blood (aeroplane remix)

on a sidenote: the grace jones remix was rejected but i guess that's just her. always unpredictable. cheer aeroplane up and show them some myspace love! shouts to my boy jared over at fuck you on friday and marc hogan from the pitchfork forkcast for those.


the anephric project said...

I feel bad that these haven't been commented on. Great tracks... and you should post more of this stuff, too!

aleks said...

the anephric project: i hear you but it's not that easy for me to get ahold of tracks in that style. will keep my eyes open though, glad you dig it!

Anonymous said...

The Paris remix is amazing -- best track I've heard in a while. Thank you!

Tagadabox said...

I just dicovered (thanks to KCRW Music) this HUGE track from Grace Jones & Aeroplane.

Let me say that's the best track ever I heard for months.

And I decided to know a bit more about this track. And found on the tag of an MP3 downloaded somewhere on Soulseek that exists this Discodust's blog (Usually I hate blog hosted with Blogger but this time the visit really worth it !)

I'm working all the time on Internet and thanks to people like you who can manage/post great stuff like the one we can find here to make me love Internet

Thanks again

Cédric (tagadabox)

Anonymous said...

Heard the 'William's Blood' remix on KCRW and was blown away by it...so evil & so beautiful at the same time...a real triumph of imagination...