Tuesday, October 14, 2008

annie + skatebaard.

annie's version of 'two of hearts' recently made it's way to the blogs, god knows why it didn't make it to the actual (pushed back) album. and while her cover got a lot of love on the blogs (travis even put up a whole compilation of 'two of hearts' covers over at bigstereo), the skatebård remix only showed up on iheartcomix! so far.

as the remix is really great (#1 on annie's top 10 autumn favorites) and i really appreciate cute girls singing to me about always staying together, i thought i need to bring it to your attention. high energy in the night!

annie - two of hearts (skatebård remix)

show the wonderful annie and the magnificent skatebård some myspace love! (and hey annie, let's go for a drink the next time i am in berlin, yes? come on, say yes!)


Anonymous said...

i went out with annie once. actually it was her and a couple of models after a show during paris fashion week. they wanted me. they wanted me bad. but i had to get up early for work the next day so i passed.

pg x

aleks said...

pg: i always knew you can get'em all!

Anonymous said...

i was hoping this duo could come up with something more original. BORING!