Saturday, October 25, 2008

bang gang + the presets.

the bang gang squad strikes back with an overdriven acid-flavoured edit for 'kicking and screaming' by the award-winning the presets (sorry that we didn't really get to hang out in frankfurt, guys, blame my drinking habits). this track is taken from 'd is for disco, e is for dancing', the latest double-mix-cd by the bang gang, out today on the ever so great modular.

the presets - kicking and screaming (bang gang's e is for edit)

love to the bang gang, love to the presets.


Anonymous said...

wicked remix! in the words of Borat "very nice"

Anonymous said...

ow and Aussies rullllle

roman12 said...

oh, the famous drinking habits of yours!

somehow ive missed out on this post and now it sounds even better since im going to nevereverland this saturday........HOORAY?