Thursday, October 16, 2008

in flagranti.

they're back! in flagranti and my disco goosebumps. the brooklyn disco duo are poised and ready to release a new 12" vinyl entitled "sexx piss tool" on codek records in november. they enlisted first-time vocalist, natalie smith, to drive the single 'brush my beat'.

she brings it right back to the track 'reputation or notoriety' on their first lp 'wronger than anyone else' ("got down on my knees..."). and for those of you not too familiar with in flagranti hunt down that album!!

while i can't give away the whole thing too early before the actual release, here is an edit made especially for us because i begged them to let us post this...

in flagranti - brush my beat (edit)

so show them a little thank you and go check it on

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