Saturday, October 25, 2008

lets get invisible.

presumably by now you've heard of lets get invisible, the synth pop girl/boy duo from providence, rhode island featuring katie pawluk and lance lemon. but at the risk of veering into repostville, i'm taking a 'better late than never stance' and posting this anyways, as jem and the holograms inspired bands need as much coverage as humanly possible!

with katie's candy sweet vocals and thick tightly produced bass lines, lets get invisible's dance club vibe is inescapable. maybe it has something to do with my mother being a fitness instructor when i was younger, but their 80's aerobic beat sound awakens something fierce in my dna. now, if only we all could find those awesome mini-exercise trampolines, i think we could start a killer dance craze to go along with 'the jump back'. alert youtube!

never have i heard such creatively colorful euphemisms for male genitalia as 'the spices of love chesty' dishes out. look for new tracks, remix compilations and collaborations with fellow 80's redux enthusiasts, futurecop!, in the works for these kids.

lets get invisible - viewers like you
lets get invisible - the spices of love chesty (namedrop remix)
lets get invisible - the jump back

give lets get invisible some tender myspace affection.


Christian Michel said...

Thanks for the music..if you could put a player to check the songs in your page that will be great.

Saludos desde Mexico

Taylor Morris said...

If you use firefox with foxytunes, all of the mp3 links convert to one click streaming buttons with Yahoo's media player. It's lovely, I can start at the top and listen to all my new DiscoDust in one go!

As for "The Spices of Love Chesty," uh....


Anonymous said...

Love it!

Leyline10k said...

they really need to make a dub version of the spices of love...DDR samples are you fucking serious? way to kill a potential banger.