Wednesday, October 15, 2008


publicist is the solo project of sebastian thomson, also a member of trans am, dead kids and weird war. his shows involve him playing drums in the middle of the dancefloor, not on stage, as his bio says 'he is of the people and for the people'. originally started two years ago while he was staying in london, he had to put publicist on hiatus when trans am started getting busy again but as he has time again now, it's finally time to get serious!

while i was trying to find words to describe the publicist sound, i think i should just quote some of the comments from his myspace, where people are like 'your funk is from another planet', 'cosmic sensation' and 'full on instant dance party' and that sums it up better than i ever could. sebastian was kind enough to share two tracks called 'chain gang' and 'the system' with all of us, both featuring weird war vocalist ian svenonius on the mic. about time for some space funk and putting the 'disco' back into 'discodust' after all!

publicist - chain gang
publicist - the system

sebastian thomson is open for all kind of collaborations, remixes included but most importantly he is looking for more vocalists to work with, excited to get a single out and start playing shows again!

i'd love to see publicist on a lot of other blogs and sites as well, as this is some of the freshest music i've found in ages. and the least you should do is go and add publicist on myspace!


jimmy silver said...

Sounds less than the sum of its parts.


mycole said...

I guess we're posting anything with notes these days.

aleks said...


Idan Beck said...

Man I'm so down with Trans Am, this guy is sick.

sarah said...

man people are drinking haterade or something before they listen to your posts. Someone's poisoned the commenting water..

pojokteknologi said...

good posts bro

gordon said...

The influence for "The System"?