Thursday, October 09, 2008

the requesters.

the requesters hail from barcelona, spain and if that seems all suspicious to you and makes you think of sidechains, you're right, he is involved as well. they have got an ep in the works that should be out before the end of the year and we were lucky enough to get ahold of one of their tracks already.

'strong love' by the requesters is one of those classic techno/house flavoured tracks that we can't get enough of right now, complete with piano chord stabs, diva vocals and 'aciiiiid' screams. speaking of, this gives me the chance to clear up a common fallacy: the kids never wanted techno, they always wanted acid! bust out your old school acid house smiley tees and pump up the volume!

the requesters - strong love

and better late than never, here is my favorite sidechains track ever, 'turn your body on' featuring phased chords, vibrato synths, a driving groove and of course, vocoders! not suitable for those grey days outside at all and that's what makes it even better.

sidechains - turn your body on

move on the the requesters myspace page to check out the tracks from their upcoming ep. much love to buffetlibre djs who featured 'strong love' on their latest mixtape 'verbana no. 5' first, head over to the buffetlibre djs myspace to pick it up for more exclusive tracks you don't want to miss out on!


Anonymous said...

The requesters is some sweet shit!

Kivetros said...

I am absolutely loving Sidechains - Turn Your Body On.


Anonymous said...

How do you do to Download please ?


Anonymous said...

I am going crazy over trying to find the Russ Chimes remix of this track. I must have it.

Joe said...

Is it just me, or do I faintly hear Daft Punk's Aerodynamic in the intro of Turn Your Body On?