Tuesday, November 18, 2008

hot pink delorean + hollywood holt.

discodust favorites hot pink delorean strike again with a damn hard hitting remix for 'caked up' by hollywood holt for all you banger and rave rap heads out there. the guys also sent their apologies for being absent from the blogosphere recently as they have been busy having orgies on tour in the states - if you want them in your town in the united status or europe, go and book them! also good to blog is their remix for the victorian english gentlemens club, so you'd better be up for a wild ride!

hollywood holt - caked up (hot pink delorean remix)
the victorian english gentlemens club - la mer (hot pink delorean remix)

hot pink delorean are also working on their first full length album and recently remixed designer drugs and (gasp!) q-tip, so there's lots more to come!


Anonymous said...

look at them jeans

steven said...

cool, have you heard of dj sex? i like his new project KNIGHTSTALKER

HollywoodHulk said...

watch out for the rainbow army, aka HPD

Doneski said...

ugh... boston accents.

Hawt Pink Da-laurian.

but I love this group.

Kristin said...

I've listened to La Mer 5 times in a row now, Can't Get enough!

<333333 HPD

Anonymous said...

i wish this group would drop the whole 80's neon colored shirts and kicks stuff..

back in 2005/06...yeah.

but now..that shits played out.

aleks said...

well, who cares. you are meant to listen to the music, not worship their ci.

Anonymous said...

lol looks like 2 pairs of black shoes and a pair of white shoes....not so neon