Monday, November 17, 2008

miami horror.

well, guess who's back? in contrast to some rumours going around and weird dreams from our readers' comments, i have not passed away or been in a car accident or what not. i've just been busy, working six or seven days a week, overtime about every single day. and to make up for that, i had to spend my spare time getting drunk and acting retarded in random places out there. experiencing some personal letdowns and random takedowns from google and clueless industry searchbots didn't really help to get me motivated either but tonight i am finally picking up the slack, as a lot of good music is seriously piling up in my inbox, so here we go, starting with some rather obvious choices that you might have already seen elsewhere, moving on to some damn good exclusive tracks!

so let's start with miami horror who should need no introduction on this site and finally released his ep 'bravado' featuring a total of five amazing tracks, each of them being worth to be played out loud! his classic "don't be on with her" (which we posted as an exclusive first back in february 2007) is also on there along with new vocals - you can watch the accompanying video by moop jaw above and get it a low-quality preview version here before you go and buy the ep!

miami horror - don't be on with her

head over to the miami horror myspace, buy 'bravado' and show him some love!


Larvi said...

Bravado is still not available on beatport, grrr

gvkhjgfh said...

uhmm....treasure fingers - glamorous remix is essentially not a remix at all but a mashup? interesting, i dont think he credited miami horror