Thursday, November 27, 2008

sebastien tellier ticket giveaway.

we don't normally do ticket giveaways on discodust, but the times they are a'changin, so why not? for those of you sebastien tellier fans in the los angeles area next wednesday, december 3rd, have we got some goodies for you. the fine folks from goldenvoice productions have given us a few pairs of tickets to see the french crooner at the henry fonda theater along with heartsrevolution and myself. i'll be buffering the sets with all your favorite discodust new music magic.

if you feel like a little 'sexuality' and want to go to the show, all you have to do is tell us who is his fourth top friend on his myspace and send your answers to this email by 3pm pacific time on december third. good luck!

sebastien tellier - kilometer (donovan remix)


Anonymous said...

aw, wish i knew about this, just bought tickets.

Melissa said...

any idea where i can buy this remix? I love it!

kilometer (donovan remix)

Anonymous said...

Have you listen to the Moulinex's remix yet?
In my opinion, much more better.
But that's just my opinion.

Keep the excelent work!

a frança dança!!!

aleks said...

yeah, the moulinex remix comes tonight :).

Chrissy Baby said...

The email link isn't working!

aleks said...

should be better now.

Anonymous said...

The craziest remix i've heard in a while - although i fell in love recently with the electric touch/feel remix (kanye west vs justice x mgmt)! I must say that it's been a while i haven't listened to that kind of sound, sébastien's sweet polyphonic melody mixed with some hip-hop beats and turned into a talented and full-of-good remix by donovan. Haven't much heard of the guy before, though his name rings a damn noisy bell. I'm gonna try to get hold of the moulinex remix - just to see if i agree with you. Forgive my grammar and nonsense, I'm french.