Tuesday, December 02, 2008

bass weazal.

bass weazal haven't got too much coverage on the blogs yet, although they provide some of the best fidget house around right now. maybe their funny name and the lack of artwork (rather obvious above) is to blame or maybe it's also because everybody knows these guys can't be newcomers but won't reveal their identity and no one can stand 'mystery bands' any more these days. whatever it is, our friends over at funkism and palms out sounds already gave them some hype and i just can't let you miss those two cuts either.

first is an edit by norwegian producer aniki for bass weazal's tune 'kill the fox', dropping soon on wearhouse music and on top of that, the guys themselves did a really hot rerub of 'this is sick' by solid groove. straight fire!

bass weazal - kill the fox (aniki crazy fox hunt bootleg)
solid groove - this is sick (bass weazal rerub)

show bass weazal, aniki and the whole wearhouse music crew some love and stay tuned for the official release!

UPDATE: almost forgot to add this great remix to the post - luckily nyteowl sent me a reminder. his track 'bring back da funk' and the accompanying bass weazal remix already got props from jfk of mstrkrft, boy 8-bit and touché. the worldwide digital release is coming out january 16th on nytetraxx, will be available at all major digital stores and you can check it out right here!

nyteowl - bring back da funk (bass weazal remix)



there's a whole bunch of bass weazal stuff over at NoisePorn.com if you want to hear more of this fidgety stuff! Including THAT remix of The Killers - Mr Brightside...

Disconerd said...

Found this guy when he got 30 friends at myspace and now he got lable releases and blod entrys, very funny but , hey he earns it ... fidgggggeeet :D

Anonymous said...

who do you think they are? I have two ideas.

Anonymous said...

1.will bailey
2.ill phil

misslucy18 said...

check out the anglo satellite rmx of bring back da funk...its really cool and different ;)