Wednesday, December 17, 2008

pacific! remixes.

you're familiar with the myth. an angel falls from heaven because of his love affair with a beautiful earth girl, well, change 'angel' to 'alien' and you have the storyline behind the pacific!. at least, that's the plot that accompanies my fantasies while listening to their new ep.

with so many talented bands coming out of sweden lately, we're never at a loss for international electro-pop. but don't be so quick to write off pacific! as just another catchy svens-pop outfit. their originality has already been recognized by producer luminaries breakbot and avalon (check our archives for this avalon remix).

it's no surprise then that the 70's feel of breakbot would join forces to remix pacific!. a definite 70's synth can be detected on the album, especially halfway into 'sunset blvd' where the keyboard synths sound like they might go straight into a breakdown of elo's 'evil woman' and the laid back surf space ballads like 'runway to elsewhere' make me feel a definite desire to strut along a beach, in a faraway galaxy of course.

if you missed out on the breakbot remix of 'hold me', don't worry, we've got it right here. plus, we scored a brand new mix from paris club mixer aysam. just a couple fab remixes that show france's unbridled endearment for swedish surf electro.

pacific! - hold me (breakbot remix)
pacific! - runway to elsewhere (aysam remix)

the album 'reveries' was released on half machine records back in august but look for a 12" remix of 'sunset blvd' coming soon. don't forget to add these european darlings on myspace and visit the pacific! website to buy tracks and download more remixes.

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