Monday, December 29, 2008

royal rumble.

most of you know of royal rumble the wwf video game, but royal rumble is also one of the rare species of 3-man dj/production team. this trio of los angeleans (is that a word?) have been building quite a quality reputation around these parts due to their quality musical selections, unpretentious 'hush hush' events, and their production work.

their latest effort was a glitched-up rework of aussie's bipolar badwise.

bipolar badwise - entwined (royal rumble remix)

another benefit to living in los angeles is that when you make a good edit, it gets passed around to prominent dj's just like this week's dj groupie.

soulwax - miserable girl (royal rumble edit)

the guys are going to be rotating residents at guns n bombs new 'house of no culture' night wednesdays at the echo in los angeles. the first show is january 7th featuring rong music's free blood!


myke said...

We're called "Angelenos." :-)

Karp said...

You can love Dubmood !
He's a great electro chip music artist ! Listen RN85 here: