Thursday, December 04, 2008

shazam + tta + vyle + x & hell.

UPDATE: the great guys at blogger deleted the original post containing these tracks. as they have all been sent to me by mail by the respective artists and labels, i am just putting it back up again.

while stumbling around in between overtime, delirium, not enough sleep, too much tiredness and more overtime i apparently let a lot of new shazam heat slip by. my favorite is his driving remix for 'neo violence' by the tough alliance but the two shazam produced joints 'possible' featuring vyle from chicago and 'my fkn hat' featuring x & hell from melbourne (pictured above) are very enjoyable as well and keeps me hoping for even more fresh french house-flavoured 'rave rap' jams next year!

the tough alliance - neo violence (shazam remix)
vyle - possible (produced by shazam)
x & hell - my fkn hat (produced by shazam)

show shazam some myspace love and you'd better watch out for more from vyle, x & hell and the tough alliance as well!


Humi said...

"They" got you too... :)
Keep up the good work, guys!

Anonymous said...

lol "my fkn hat off" funny shit. Quite like it.

Anonymous said...

my fkn hat ownz

Saint Malo said...

Blogger deleted this comment because xxxkkkrrzzzffrrrrkkkk

Fred (Discorockets) said...

Interestingly (then again, maybe it's pretty obvious) this collaboration with Vyle is much better than the one Vyle did with Danger a while ago. This is definitely the right fit. Amazing stuff from Shazam, as always.