Tuesday, February 24, 2009


fakebeat is leon from dallas (previously toronto, new york, miami) and just turned 21. i mainly knew him from his blog french express where he always put up some classy french house selections. recently i heard some of his own productions and was really baffled as his music didn't actually sound that french at all but reminded me of the nineties in germany when house, trance-flavoured techno and goa was really really huge over here, with several big raves going down every weekend. although fakebeat told me he listened to a lot of that kind of stuff ever since 2000, he was also influenced by video game soundtracks and a heavy dose of motown music that his parents were playing to him before he was even born.

his track 'jellyfish' perfectly sums up the vibe from the good old days when techno was still exciting, the whole german youth was on drugs, mayday and the love parade were broadcasted live on a very young and promising german music channel and yeah well, everything was better. from what i can tell, people are nowadays calling this genre 'progressive house' and two of the biggest names in this scene, namely deadmau5 and nick warren from way out west already played fakebeat's 'jellyfish' out, making the kids go wild!

fakebeat - jellyfish

show fakebeat some love on myspace! and yes, i am aware that this is kind of a guilty pleasure. but if you don't feel this, you are either too young, too old or retarded.


Anonymous said...

On the nail there Aleks. Great tune - guilty pleasure...not for me..

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you posted this <3

leon said...

omg seckssssssss

Anonymous said...

Excellent !!!

and I love the litle revenge at on the end of every new post ^^

make me laugh ha ha !!

it's def a new way for liking this blog for me ^^

Thanks Aleks .....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

way to go moite

Anonymous said...

i love it... great great tune. x

dan said...

shit is so dope

Unknown said...

right now dance music is like a girl that just dumped her lover (Electro house), turned single, and is looking for a new direction. But in the mean time she'll prolly just settle for a quick fling with her old ex from the mid 90s.

Electro house, we had some good times. But I think I'm all glitched out. You'll always have those commadore 64 SID samples. I know you love those samples!

thx, aleks. I remember that Lauren Flax track "You've changed" caught some heat cuz it was too early 90s for some. But I say bring this shit back.

Gregory Bowler said...

seriously, what's guilty about this pleasure? really like this.

aleks said...

glad you all like it then.

and greg: well, i guess it depends where you're 'coming from'. i think i can blame it on the way the whole electronic music media over here was always acting really elitist/disrespectful towards everything that is not strictly techno or minimal.

at least after the time of the big raves was over. i always thought that kind of behaviour totally sucks but yeah i guess i am still a bit 'intimidated'. shrug.

not sure what made me say that. sometimes i kind of wish i wouldn't have experienced all that history/overkill/hatred of the whole melodic techno/trance/rave stuff back then, it would make it much easier to enjoy good tracks like this these days.

people over here seem to think peak time tracks are less smart/intelligent than minimal/straight techno tracks. god knows why.

Anonymous said...

Loving this!

Anonymous said...

D O P E. Fakebeat is the shite.