Friday, February 27, 2009

flamin' hotz + rcmp.

fellow grindin member casi runs one of the independent dance labels these days, going by the name of flamin' hotz and looking at their previous releases from the likes of cobra krames, bird peterson or a special kuduro sampler, you can tell that they are always delivering cutting edge material, long before the hipster masses turn their heads in that direction and still lasting when the hype is gone.

flamin' hotz combines multiple genres but is based on electro, baltimore club, house, heavy bass and ghettotech and they are offering a new subscription model for this year going by the name of "flamin' hotz record club". for just $10 a month, you can get the 10 records that they are putting out this year directly shipped to you. click here for more information on the flamin' hotz record club.

to give you an idea of the greatness of flamin' hotz, they hooked us up with a track off their second release this year, coming from the philly based outfit rcmp, consisting of dj apt one and relative q. and i really didn't see this coming but this track is a totally gorgeous disco-based (progressive) dancefloor killer which feels like a breeze of fresh air, sitting somewhere in between italo-disco and progressive house. make sure to check this out - big tune!

rcmp - the bird aka ignition (12" promo mix)

put rcmp way up high in your 2009 watch-list and if you are a serious music lover with a passion for vinyl fabricated with a lot of attention to detail, seriously consider subscribing to the flamin' hotz record club. or at least go and see the rad sleeve designs and picture discs!


Anonymous said...

This track is interesting. So many classic dance devices are back. 303, crappy 8 band vocorder, 808 rimshots, ext. Also seems like 2009 is the year reverb comes on strong in the blog dance scene.

aleks said...

yeah, definitely. i am afraid to even say it out loud but it seems like actual 'techno' gains a lot of popularity and influence these days.

with guys like sis, style of eye, popof bringing some exciting new ideas to the sound, i'll definitely put techno back on my watch-list this year.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love you.

Casi G said...


Thanks ALEKS