Tuesday, February 17, 2009

la roux + skream.

la roux already received a fair amount of praise on here in the recent past but this skream remix of her latest single 'in for the kill' might be my favorite thing i have ever heard of her. starting out with eerie pads, a devastating sub-bass and elly jackson's wonderful vocals with lots of echoes on top, this "let's get ravey" rework has everything that it takes to make the crowd go wild before the beat even drops in.

skream perfectly keeps up the suspense throughout the entire track until near the end where he can't help himself but finally put an amen break aside the whole thing. unfortunately, the song fades out soon after that and keeps me longing for an extended rave meltdown mayhem version but you get the idea. less is more. teasing is the new ecstasy. reduction is the new maximum. low is the new high.

la roux - in for the kill (skream's let's get ravey remix)

in other news: disabled comments are the new 'shut the fuck up'. "i don't care what you say" is the new 'fuck you'. everlasting love is the new ungrateful hate.


Loco said...

i love you is the new shove it.

Unknown said...

heavy and soulful. thks for that

Anonymous said...

it's beautiful. skream is a genius, he made me appreciate her voice by emphasizing it's pureness. great man.