Sunday, March 01, 2009

a1 bassline + kavsrave.

like i said the other day, i've been feeling drum & bass-vibe dubstep tunes a lot recently and this track by a1 bassline and kavsrave named 'lucky charms' is one of those. already been played out by major players such as starkey, this 8-bit arpeggio wobble-bass fusion should enlighten narrow-minded bangerheads and leads the path to better and more exciting days!

a1 bassline & kavsrave - lucky charms

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Anonymous said...

Aleks I sent you a mail already did you get it?

Anyways my mail is: soisingasongoflove(at)

Bastille said...

I like it when the bass comes in

Anonymous said...

i like how you're jumping on the d-step train now. it's ok, everyone's doing it

Anonymous said...

Had potential then lost it at 1:30.

Anonymous said...

LOVED the A1 bassline mix of 'I will shank you for a penny' (must be what inspired the amazing t shirt)

this is great man!